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Parametric Installation | Water+ Competition

Spring 2016
Professor: Clay Odom

The continued demand and use of fossil fuels has placed a significant strain on water as a resource. Water is both a luxury and a commodity, a basic need for life that is sometimes taken for granted in the western world. Fracture(d) aims to examine the erosion that is created by the absence of water, a fabric installation which looks at the spaces created between the cracks of dry soil. The space will intentionally reflect the sensation of being in a cave, reinterpreting the cracks as stalactites and stalagmites.

As you approach, the work will present itself as a floating cube and will gradually breakdown to reveal a “raw” edge on the other side. The goal is to create varied spatial perceptions in the installation as people see each other walking through. The extruded volumes will be constructed using numerous colored nylon wires that will allow porous views, while maintaining a light, floating, feel to the experience. One of the key elements will be to reflect the effect of the installation through a mirror panel that will lie on the ground, contained by the dimensions of the installation. The entire design will fit in a 10’ x 10’ x 9’ cube, floating approximately a foot above the ground. The installation will hang from the ceiling using light gage wires that will attach to the lighting tracks. Alternatively, a custom framing system can be created if ceiling support will not be an option. The individual forms will be structured using a formed metal wire that will also help weight them down. The design can be easily scaled up or down using a custom script which can adjust the dimensions and number of cells in the design.

TRANS PLAN: Water+ Competition | Honourable Mention

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